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First Customization?

Been thinking about trying my hand at making a custom die-cast. I have this plain gray GTR that sits on my desk at work and keep starting at thinking about what I could do with it. It's a 1:43 KiNSMART with one of those pull-back motors, so I'm not worried about messing up something nice. I've never made any model kits or anything like that that actually required paint work, so I think I should start with just small paint work and some decals. I was thinking something along the lines of Top Secret's Nissan Skyline R35 GTR "Super GTR" as pictured below. Can anyone recommend how I would get started, lol? I know it's a pretty newb question, but I have no idea what paints to use or if I would need to sand it or use clear coat too or where I can get decals or anything. Any and all help and advise is greatly appreciated! Also, if you have suggestions for other ideas of what to do with the GTR, feel free to chime in on that as well.

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