Today was my first real trip back to the indoor/outdoor flea market in quite a while. I found a nice stash of old Speed Wheels on cards, some will stay some will go, and a really nice assortment of loose cars!

Racing Champions, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Majorette, Playart, Yat Ming, Kidco, Onyx, ZEE, and a couple with no brand name on their base.
Does anyone collect Cadillac Sevilles? I now have 4 with opening doors, 4th column from the left.

I found one Tomica, a nearly mint Shiden 77 BMW race car, the best one I’ve ever found in the bins and buckets. I’ll give it a separate post soon.


Anyone into obscure branded Trucks? These 15 trucks, $20 shipped. 14 Speed Wheels, one Majorette. Email me at my user name att geamail dot kohm.