Big things with little cars

A couple weeks ago I received my very first e(vil)Bay purchases in the mail, which I hadn’t finished writing up until now.

I got the loose Matchbox in 2 auction sessions from one seller in the U.K., and the boxed T-Bird (I DLM’d it before I took photos) from a different seller in the U.K.


Somewhat illogically, shipping from various U.K. sellers often costs the same as shipping from U.S. sellers to Canada. Since prices are also similar, I went with some in the U.K. for the greater variety.

Well since this was my first time bidding on anything, it was quite a learning experience. I paid a bit too much (in my opinion), as I got into a couple minor bidding wars, and I definitely overpaid when I tried using the automatic bidding function. I would want to try to buy large lots instead, but shipping for those varies wildly, but mostly in the excessive spectrum.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with what I got, not so much for what I paid, but oh well.

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