Big things with little cars

First HW(Corgi)EP

OK, first time I’ve done this so tell me when I’ve gone wrong.

This should have gone up last weekend but .....I’ve think my HMMWV collection is a tad too big.


These are all from the Corgi Tactical Strike series from a few years ago and I’ve decided I could do without 2 of the ambulances.

They have weathering applied by Corgi, rubber wheels, and are super detailed (well, except for the portal axles - I’ve never actually seen that in a diecast though. Not sure how it would work).


As I said, I have two I want to trade and would prefer they go to separate homes.

My preferences:

- Tomica

- Rally cars

- older Mercedes

- Lesney

And just to end the list and not for trade and just because it’s bada$$, the “Special Forces” black Humvee.


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