Hello all, first post here and thought i’d share a little about myself. I’ve been collecting Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and die-cast cars in general since i was a toddler. I have case loads of Hot Wheels still sealed in there cards in my parents garage from 15+ years ago. I don’t even know what i have anymore as i stopped collecting for years. I am now in my late 20's and i have recently just started to get into collecting again. Whenever i find myself at Wal-Mart or Target lately i find myself telling my wife “i’m gonna check out the Hot Wheels real quick”. She doesn’t mind and even looks with me and asks me if i like this or that. Just today she found a red M4 for me that i’ve been looking for.

Anyways, just thought i’d share a recent purchase. Not die cast but still very cool nonetheless. It will go on top of my desk in my office and i’m looking forward to putting it together soon.

It is really cool to see a community like this that gets to share our love for die cast vehicles and toy cars. Just shows no matter how old some of us get we are all in a sense a child at heart. Looking forward to sharing some of my finds with you all and i enjoy seeing pieces from everyone’s collection. Happy hunting!