Hey Everyone!

First of all, thanks to Sn210 for granting me authorship on LaLD. I’ve been following you guys for the past few months, checking multiple times a day for new posts, and when the opportunity came, I figured “Why not?!” I was able to finally find some decent Hot Wheels yesterday and didn’t have the time for pictures until today, which you will see below.

As a short introduction, I’ve been collecting diecast for about 7+ years now, mainly in the 1/64th general scale. Being in the U.S., I started out collecting mostly Hot Wheels and Matchbox, naturally, as they are inexpensive and are readily available anywhere. Then, I discovered Tomica during my trip overseas and started collecting those. In the past few months however, I’ve gotten into the more “premium” American brands (Auto World, M2, and Greenlight) and I’ve become addicted with their detail and realism.

I do have other various diecast brands as well, as I’m all about collecting cars I like rather than just brands that I like, and I look forward to showing them to you guys sometime in the future. Being in Southern California, it’s pretty tough to find some of the more popular models, but I was able to snatch these yesterday:


Yeah, no 180SX, and I’m not even sure if that belongs in this batch, but nonetheless I’m very happy with this haul. Here are some individual pictures:

Couple of Aston Martins from the 007 series.


The Retro Entertainment line F&F Dodge Charger.

Some pretty sweet mainlines.


Ahh yes, the Acura NSX. I never thought I would ever be able to find this one in the wild, but there was a single one in the dump bin I stumbled upon. This was one of those models that I didn’t care too much for but ended up liking a lot once I had it in my hands.


And a family picture just for fun. (Left to Right: F-Toys, Hot Wheels, Speed Machines, Tomica Limited)


The current NSX casting is a much better effort than HW’s previous version.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading!