Fits like a... baby’s hand. Into an oven mitt.

Why hello, citizens of LALD! After a long time admiring your community from afar, I figured I would take the authorship plunge. And, first and foremost, I must express how awesome it is to finally be a part of a friendly community with a common interest in collectible model vehicles.

So, without further ado, content time!

This model is a 1/43 Suzuki Mighty Boy, and for the uninitiated, yes, that’s what this puppy was called. Based on a later iteration of the Cervo kei-coupe, this oxymoronically-named utility was sold for the cost of home-brand peanuts in 1980s Japan, Australia and, inexplicably, Cyprus. Under the bonnet dwells a 21-23kW (28-31 metric HP) 3-cyl beast, which propels a diminutive unibody with ‘don’t mention it’ levels of safety & comfort and the effective cargo volume of a shot glass. Transmission was either a 2-speed ‘ohgodpleaseno’ auto or a 4-5-speed manual. According to Wikipedia (where I pulled all these stats from, feel free to correct me if wrong), about 2,800 were produced; a somewhat high value (by my probably skewed metrics) for a rather niche vehicle.

Table parking by the Giant Mug is somewhat generous and accessible to most cars and car-sized vehicles. It’s in smaller spaces where this automotive oxymoron really shines. Just don’t carry anything larger than a tissue box. And by George, avoid any hill bigger than a small knoll.

Judging by the screw holes and the lack of base branding, the model was presumably made by IXO as part of a 1/43-scale Japanese partwork series distributed by Hatchette Publishing. It was at a very good price (considering the fact that this model is rare and somewhat sought-after in the used market) and the fact that it’s part of the ‘road-less-travelled’ eclectic subject matter I love to collect eventually pushed me into the purchase.


And boy, am I glad I fell. I love this little thing; in fact, I may be inclined to say that it is one of my favourite models in regards to subject matter. Details are a bit lacking, but for a partwork model like this, I’m not complaining.

I’ll be back! Somewhat crudely-concocted-and-photographed scenario included below:

An unusual object has fallen from the sky and landed in the Green Plains. The only two utility vehicles in the sparse area, a Sunny Ute and the Mighty Boy, respond to the incident. Together, they must solve one problem: how do we relocate this object?