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First Raw Chase

I’ve finally added a Raw Chase to my collection. Of course it had to be an R34 Skyline, hahaha. This Greenlight x Tarmac Works colab is absolutely killer! Even the regular blue version looks awesome in the Endless livery. But in Raw form, it looks even better!


One of the coolest things about this release is the re-usable clamshell packaging! I really wish more companies would get on board with this. You get the benefits of preserving the card art, while still being able to set the car free for pictures! It’s brilliant!

With the help of Tarmac Works, Greenlight finally got a good-looking set of wheels and tires on the R34. The previous releases have left a little to be desired in that department. But this time around, the white five spokes are scaled nicely, and the tires aren’t too chunky. Plus the Advan/Yokohama branding on them looks good too!


Oh, and did I mention the nicely detailed RB26 under the hood?

All in all, this is easily my favorite Greenlight R34, and probably one of the top Greenlights in my collection. If you have a chance to pick up this one or the regular, don’t hesitate. It’s well worth it!

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