Today we checked out our local flea market for the first time ever. It’s about 30 minutes away, so not necessarily convenient to get to, which is probably why we’ve never been. Anyways, as we walked around we found a few vendors with small buckets of loose cars and one guy who with some more recent (read last 3 or 4 years) carded stuff, and I found a few things.

But I had heard from a collector I talked to in Walmart a while back that there was one guy out there who had tons of stuff, old and new, including a lot of Treasure Hunts and special release / limited edition stuff. After going through three halls, I finally found heaven. It was called Doug’s Diecast Dugout. The man had a permanent setup with four stalls. I was so excited to start looking that I forgot to take pics! I only had a small amount of cash on me in order to keep from spending too much this trip, but I did bring home the two older Matchbox you’ll see in the pics below. I talked with Doug for a few minutes and found he bought and traded stuff from customers, so I will be taking a few things along with me the next time I go up there.

Anyways, on to the pics!

The guy selling these was there for the first time. He initially had these marked at $2 each, but he gave them to me for two for $3. Nice guy.
These are the two Matchbox I got from Doug’s Diecast Dugout. I’ve been looking for a P1800 for a while, and the Jag was a nice pairing with it. I will definitely be paying many more visits to Doug in the future.
The loose stuff I picked up from various other stalls.


The Ferraris. All playworn to various degrees. The Testarossa is in the best condition of the three. Then the F50. And the Enzo last. I’m going to leave the Testarossa as is, but the F50 and Enzo will be going to the workbench to be refreshed.
The 959 was in great condition. Especially considering it was in a bin with a bunch of other loose cars and other random toys.
Cool old school Hot Wheels Z32 300ZX.


And the doors open!
Two Boss 320 Laguna Secas.
A Johnny Lightning stock car. I bought this one just for the wheels. Couldn’t pass up rubber Goodyears for 50 cents.


I can probably put this engine in something else as well.
Lastly is this Camaro stock car. I recently acquired one of these in a trade with vdubyajohn that’s in much better condition and has nicer wheels, so again, this will be going to the workbench for new paint and a wheel swap. Maybe this will be the new home for the rubber coming off the JL stock car above....