Not sure if this the actual Zee Toys/Zylmex or a knock off (doesn’t have the manufacturers stamp but has the D99 model number on base and window) GMC off road but I’ve had if for a bit and it was time to fix it!

So into the shop it went (first time back since 4/18 when a major family emergency forced it closed)

Test fitted some off road wheels

And as a joke put some Lowrider rims on it (from the Revell 96 Impala)


Not too bad but in the end after some work I stuck with the off road wheels

It still needs some detail and bumper work but it looks damn good with better wheels. Another turd getting polished lol. I wish more brands like HW, MB, GL, or JL would do this style of Chevy/GMC truck with the regular bed it’s almost always a flare side bed.