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Flashback Friday: Overseas Hawl

One year ago from today, I returned from a trip to Hong Kong (and Hokkaido, Japan). After 3 weeks, this is what I brought back home.

If I had the time, I would do a write up detailing all my finds... but I don’t. What I can say is I didn’t buy much diecast in Japan because I barely had any shopping time there besides a quick trip to Bic Camera and Yobadashi Camera. And it was also pretty neat to come across a Tomica pop up event in Hong Kong, where I ended up getting three exclusive models (an event model, a not for sale model, and a reproduction release).


I can also say that this shot above was my Day 1 hawl. Everything came from Daboxtoys, besides the Log-On Exclusive TLVN Nismos that my aunt helped pick up for me beforehand. Boy would I love to go for another trip.

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