Big things with little cars

Flea Bath = Steam Bath Today

Wow, was it muggy today! Made it imperative to find that one vendor and git...

The Stormville Airport Flea Circus was a bit under populated when it comes to vendors today, but that made it easier to scan the offerings quickly and get outta Dodge!
Front: Tomica copy 935 Martini Porsche, actual Yatming JPS Lotus T2,
Rear: incredibly rare yet still not yet over priced Zylmex Ford Mk IV, Corgi Juniors Growlers Ford GT-70, Kenner Corvette (with perfect license plate), Kidco “Rebel” Corvette with a bite taken out of the front bumper (oh well, I shoulda looked more carefully...), and a Majorette Lamborghini Diablo in Pepsi livery.
No Summer Karmann Ghias to be found, but I like a hunt with a challenge.


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