My Dutch friends are only here for a couple more days, so we tried to hit all the stores we missed yesterday. After leaving the second walmart, we drove by a decrepit old mall site that has been mostly boarded up for more than a decade.
Henk spotted a sign that said flea market, so we went in. There were maybe a dozen booths and a few tents set up, so we decided to make the best of it and have a look.
We found only one vendor with any diecast, and it was just a couple of plastic storage containers filled with very played with cars. It was three for a buck, so we went through both of them. It had rained pretty hard earlier, and this guy saw no need to empty the containers, so we sloshed ahead. We both found our 3, paid the man and left.
There was only one more tent to check out and it didn’t look too promising, but we were already there so we walked over. The girl had nothing for us, but tried her best to get us interested in something, anything, so long as she sold something. While she was pitching a “patriotic clock,” her friends came back and confirmed there was no diecast at that tent.
Then one guy said, “Try indoors, that’s where the real deal is going on.
I had no idea they had re-purposed one of the abandoned spaces, but in we went. Holy $#!T!
All the years I’ve driven by that old place I had no idea this was there. Almost 100 booths, which is my estimate on the low side, quite a few of them had some kind of diecast. Some thought they were all worth their weight in gold, but we found plenty of down to earth sellers, and I will be back.
Any time I go to that walmart on a weekend, from now on, I’m going to stop in and see what’s new. It’s a gold mine of diecast. Old Johnny Lightnings, older HWs and MBX, on card, and plenty of 2/$1, 3/$1 buckets all around. Almost everything carded went for reasonable prices, IMHO.
This is what I took with me, and I wish I had brought more cash!

Three Mercedes Benz SLs on card. The red one is what would become known, in subsequent years, as the first editions line, #2 of 12, The two black over silver ones are from later in 1995, I believe.

A Ferrari 250 (I have to look at the back of the card for the year) and another first edition from 1995, A Ferrari 355, #10 of 12.

There was one booth that also stocked plenty of older, carded, HWs and MBX, and I asked about specific cars. The owner said he has too much stuff to know what exactly he had out. I asked him if this was all the HWs he had, and he said “All the ones I have HERE.” I assured him I would be back. I’m going to bring a list! WooHoo!


These are my three for a buck specials from the guy outside with the water buckets; Johnny Lightning, MBX, and HWs. All the cars I picked up today are available for HWEP or...? But, if I wind up keeping the Vista Cruiser, I’ll do a repaint w/new wheels sooner or later.

Also, if we have a HWEP in the works, or you’re wiating for my reply to an email, my apologies, but, my friends will be gone in a couple of days to see more of the USA before they fly home, and I’ll get all caught up with everyone. Thanks for your patience!