I stumbled upon a diecast/Hot Wheels show at a local flea market yesterday on my way home from an errand. First time I’ve ever been to a dedicated show like this and there were literally tens of thousands of cars in the room. A bit overwhelming but I pressed on. I passed over most of the local resellers with their marked up piles of recent TH’s and STH’s (*shaking fist into the air*) and instead went after more of the basic stuff.

Let’s start with the Germans:

(counterclockwise from left: MB Beetle, 2011 Hot Wheels “Final Run” Porsche w/RR’s, has a slight dent in the package), Motor Max Z4, 2X VW Beetle Convertible, MB BMW Z3, HW “Herbie” 53 Love Bug, HW Dealer’s Choice Beetle Dune, and HW Unimog w/blackout wheel variation. All except Herbie and the 911 have been DLM’d.

The British and Italians:

HW Range Rover in an interesting casting, HW Garage Ferrari 365GTB Daytona, 2 HW Lotus Chaparrals, HW Jaguar D-Type, and a HW Zender.


The fantasies:

HW Final Run Kenworth Long Haul, HW Sharkcruiser in pink (OMG those turbo graphics), and HW Silhouette II (Dark Riders series).


Thanks for looking!