Big things with little cars

A couple weekends ago, I went to a local flea market and antiques mall that I’ve never been to and picked up these.

From the antiques mall area, I found a Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle Taxi, from the inaugural release in 2003. I also found this loose Johnny Lightning ‘64 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, apparently from Release 3 of the 2008 Road Trip USA series. At a booth in the general flea market area, a vendor was selling mostly Hot Wheels, so I asked to look at the few Matchboxs that were there and picked up a couple New Superfasts. Both are 2005 ROW (non-USA) releases in a different color than the USA release. While the Hot Wheels in the booth weren’t particularly good deals, I was pretty happy with the price I paid for these, so I might go back and get the other New Superfasts that I left behind.


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