My local flea market is closed for the season. Needing a fix, we went to one further away that I’ve had mixed results with. I found an interstingly random HAWL this time.

Starting in front, the VW supercar was grabbed as wheel donor(though they are very small). The Eclipse joins the pile of Fast & Furious cars dug out of dump bins for trading. The Dodge has 3 wheels an will be either customized or made into a junker. The Red Rolls Royce is going to be customized.

The Lesney Ferrari I’m going to try and restore as it is complete. The Tomica police car and Lesney Mercedes will become junkers. And the wagon will be a tailgate donor for my childhood wagon toy.

Lastly is the Lesney refreshments trailer. It is only the body shell (and believe me, i dug in that box for 10 min loooking for the rest). However the decals are in good shape, so it will be stored until i find the other bits or a complete one in worse condition.