To get in shape for spending money next weekend, I took my wallet to the Stormville Flea Market’s first Family Yard Sale event of the year.
I over spent, of course, about $100.
But, I brought home over 500 cars. (A nickel per car, average, I like that!) Everything from Alfa Romeo to Z28. I just started to sort it out, and it’s going to be a while so here’s a couple of tease images.

I FINALLY found a halfway decent Dinky Porsche 356A for a reasonable price. I have planned all along to paint it black, so the chips didn’t bother me.

On the left: Mazda Miata, a BMW, and one that wants to be a Ferrari but probably couldn’t pay the license fee. Ri weillght: Corvette, Toyota MR2, and another BMW.

I found quite a few of my beloved off brand cars, some replacements of ones I already have, some new to me. The two 3-packs of Road Champs will be available for trade/sale most likely.
I found a couple brands I’d never heard of before, but that’s not big news. I’ll sort them all into groups and post little by little. You won’t be seeing all 500 cars, some of them are doubles-some are junk, but maybe one shot of the boxes and car cases.
Maybe this is the inspiration I needed to revamp my trades page, hmmm...?