Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Floating DeLorean Update: it's broke

Yup, didn’t last long, and no longer floats. I tried to contact kids logic who makes the toy but since my girlfriend bought it on Amazon they won’t replace it. So now I have a floating DeLorean that doesn’t float. The other base still works, but kind of not the point of the expensive thing. We’re going to try and return it to Amazon and maybe get a new one. Bit of a bummer, but even more let down that the company turned me away like that.

They asked for a video which you can see below that it doesn’t even light up on the floating stand. They then replied with tips on how to get it to work, which I already could do if it did work. Then when I explained it is actually broken, they said:

“Sorry, we do not provide base repair in any case. And the item was not bought from us directly, we cannot assure the quality and the authenticity.

In this case, we suggest you buying a new one. You can consider purchasing on our website, Tks”


Problem is, website says they can’t ship this to the US and still lists it as a pre order item.

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