Obviously we all collect, but what is your focus?

Personally, I like the box truck delivery vehicles. My favorite are the Hot Wheels Combat Medic/Letter Getter. I started with one (the old Mail Truck) and decided that I wanted to collect them all. Currently I have 7. Cool thing is that as duplicates come up, they make nice customs with a large area for custom logos. The ideas I have are limitless. MBX has the Express Delivery (shown above) that is similar but longer and plastic body.

My secondary focus are police vehicles, no idea right now how many of these I have but with every trade post I see, I’m looking for roof lights and thinking of how I can get them.

I used to collect muscle cars, especially GM models, but find that I would rather limit my focus. It’s very hard to let things go, like the Buick Grand National that just left for Cali yesterday.

I’ve grown up around VW’s so every time I see one, I want it, but then stop myself and think it through, haven’t actually picked one up in a while.

So that brings me to the question, what is YOUR focus?

BTW, if ya have a combat medic/letter getter you want to move, let me know.