Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Follow me as I begin my first little big build Project: Carolina Blue

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Since the mid 2000's, GT40's have come back into the lime light of automotive history with a fury. From production cars mimicking them, to diecast collectibles, we can’t armchair race these days without hearing those two letters and numbers.


I’m as much a GT40-o-phile as anybody else, and seeing the plethora of models for sale in many liveries makes me want to collect them all. Yet, I see a few eluding the collectors world that have as much significance as the 1966, or 1967 winner, or even chassis P1075 (1968 and 1969 Le Mans winner) so I’ve decided to take a sad looking model, and turn it into a one of a kind model(or at least till I lose interest, thanks ADD) specifically, chassis P1031/1047.

Through these adventures that could last months, even years, I will be doing everything from step by step updates, to throwing endless amounts of history on here, and even some personal GT40/racing related stories, and I hope not just LaLD follows, but those of Jalopnik, and Kinja. I’m not a one man army, so I’ll even be asking you, the community, to lend a hand in this epic adventure!

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