Big things with little cars

Greenlight is introducing their first ever 1:64 scale wheel and tire packs. They’ve done wheel and tire sets for 1:18 scale cars before, but this is their first attempt at the 1:64 scale.

And, there’s variety, as you can see above. For the tuner fans, the Tokyo Torque set. For muscle car fans, the GL Muscle set. For off road fans, the All-Terrain set.

Each set has four unique wheel and tire combinations, and axles are also included.

If you want them, has all three available for $4.59 each, a discount from the $4.99 MSRP, plus $7.95 flat rate shipping in the continental US, which is good for those who have a hard time finding anything GL.


Links below.

GL Muscle - All-Terrain - Tokyo Torque

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