Hi everyone,

Here are some cars I have for trade. I’ve recently been getting into restorations, so I’d like to trade these solid cars for some not-so-solid ones. Specifically, I’m looking for Lesley-Era Matchbox cars. They don’t have to be in good condition, as I’ll be stripping them down and bringing them back to life.

The cars here are in good condition, unless otherwise noted in the photo captions.

On a separate note, I’m also looking for GReddy HW cars (not including the Fairlady) in good condition for a diorama.

I’ll trade 2 of my cars for 1 of yours. Please comment here or send me an email at jakethecopywriter at gmail.com.

Hot Wheels: F40 and Thunderbird are metal bases. F40 has chipped paint on nose, yellow Stratos has chipped paint at the corners and on the fender flares.


Hot Wheels: Yellow Cornet Super Bee has chipped paint at the corners. Nomad has some weak Tampos.
Matchbox: Range Rover is Hot Wheels, I forgot it in the earlier pictures. RS6 windshield has light scratches.

I’m always open to offers, thank you!