Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

For trade: a buttload of THs

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I have about 500 of them. I’m sick of looking at them. If you’re local to the Atlanta area and want the lot, good news! I’d prefer to get rid of them all at once. If you’re not local, though.... I don’t think either of us would like to deal with that shipping bill.


But anyway, I’m willing to trade them off at a rate of 5 of these for your one super, 1-2 for almost any pre-2009 TH, and/or 1-5 of them for your vintage cars, depending on what you have. (Vintage, to me, is about 2004 and older, but preferably blue card era) obviously you can get more than five if you have something excellent for me.

My favorite castings are the Flight03, Deora, and Ford Escort Rally.

Email me at BryceNemeth at gmail dot com, AND post here if you’re interested. My spam filter is overly sensitive, so I won’t see your email unless I go looking for it.

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