Presenting, the only M2 I have at the moment (at the moment!), and one of the better diecasts I have in my opinion: a 1965 Ford Econoline Delivery Van, in Mr. Gasket Co. livery.

I purchased this at Walmart a few weeksago. This is by far one of my better diecast purchases.

For some reason, the C in Cleveland isn’t there. Also, this side has a side door, unlike the other.


Nothing much on the back. Just a year plate and another MGC badge.


Other side is pretty much the same as the right, except without a door.

I love it. Everything about it is just right.


Also, the best JL I’ve ever bought: a 1955 Chevy Cameo Monopoly™ piece that came with a 1:64th scale version of it in a Monopoly livery.

That's all for today.