WOOHOO!!!!!!!! I finally got my hands on the Focus RS! I know it’s weird, but this is the HW cast I’ve been looking forward to most this year. And it’s not even a Treasure Hunt, lol. I had to stop by Publix this morning on the way into the office to get some breakfast for team. They always have this little endcap of Hot Wheels that they re-fill pretty regularly, and it’s been a good spot for me to find some standard Treasure Hunts.

But today, there was literally nothing new on the pegs from the last time I was in there a week or so ago, EXCEPT THIS FOCUS RS!!!!!!! I don’t know where it came from since there weren’t any other cars from the latest case out other than this. I even had a quick walk around to store to see if they had stock some in another spot, but found nothing. It’s so weird, but I’m so excited to finally have this one! Cool pictures to come soon!