A thought on everyone affected by Florence and Mangkhut before I start the post. Hope all LaLDers are safe from any harm, and hope there won’t be any significant damage of any sort.

I was a fan of the third iteration of Ford’s Ferrari slayer, ever since it was released. The fandom grew when HW released the liquid blue GT (and my hunt down of the three liquid blue Fords was the reason why I got hooked to the hobby). I also managed to grab the Retro Entertainment GT, as well as the Le Mans variant. Later on, Majorette also released the GT and so did Tomica. I guess Tomica did a great job with their release, and probably thumped HW as the best budget 1:64 GT around.

Then I stumbled upon the Maisto Design GT, and that was a hoot. However it was a wee bit larger than the HW and Tomica.

Finally I came across this.

This is clearly masterclass from where you least expect it at times.


For example, the brake disks are not attached to the wheel. It stays still when the wheel rotates.

The flying buttress, a key design element in the GT, was omitted in the HW, and recreated by Tomica. However GL’s recreation beats both hands down. The entire structure is a separate part, glued (yeah, glued, and it feels flimsy TBH) to the main body. 10 points for attention to detail.


And then there is the engine detail. If only the lettering was cleaner. Regardless, 10 more points.


Spot the GT badge on the Bad Piggies - esque exhaust tip? The detached rear spoiler is one of the costs of separate flying buttress structure though.


So yes, the GL Ford GT casting is excellent, and looks perfect in this Barett - Jackson version.


However, it is not all good. GL simply cannot shake off its rather worrying QC problems behind.


Yet, when everything is taken into account, it is hard not to give accolades to GL for this stellar casting. IMO, this is the finest Ford GT casting in 1:64 at the moment, at least until Auto World or Kyosho comes with their own.


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