Snagged this the other day - it’s been on my want list since I saw it on the M2 website. It all started when I was trying to help vdubyajohn in his quest for whitewall RR’s. This is one of the M2 AutoWheels series, which is essentially an AutoDrivers car (no opening features) with extra wheels and axles for customizing. I had suggested these to vdubyajohn as a place to look for whitewall donors, but when I was looking at these, I knew I needed this one for myself (the extra wheels will be heading out to vdubyajohn this afternoon).

I’d kinda been wanting a Fairlane, but the colors really sold me on this one.

My pics really aren’t doing it justice, but the copper/matte black combo is stunning in person.


M2 really brought their A game on this one. The little chrome accents really pop against the black, especially on the back:


Normally, I’m more of a GM guy, especially when it comes to the classic stuff, but this is an excellent addition to my fleet.