I do have a ‘thing’ with the ‘15 Mustang. Buying a 1:1 is off limits for now, so trying to score all the different scales in which it is available.

I already have the 1:64 from both HW and AW, and the 1:36 from Kinsmart (an excellent buy for the price you pay, will probably do a shoot with this later) and funny enough, even the 1:18 (which I have to collect from a fellow collector who lives quite a distance away). Needed to score the 1:24, and there are two options; Maisto or Welly. Finally decided to settle in with the Welly as it has steerable wheels.

Note the misalignment in the rear GT badging?

This 1:24 is the first of its scale I have as a Welly. It does not disappoint with steerable wheels and a fully detailed engine bay. However the price you pay is not that much, and you have to expect imperfections such as the improperly aligned rear ‘GT’ badge (which I have tried to fix for the photos), and the ‘uh well, have to really handle with care’ build quality.



Could not avoid comparing it with the good’ ol ZL1.

Had to ‘get on the floor’ as my sheet of glass is unable to hold both these in one go, lol


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!