Ford GT Test Mule, and Land Cruiser!

I bought two new MiJo Exclusive castings, one from Greenlight and one from Johnny Lightning. I haven’t had a chance to take real photos yet as they just arrived yesterday, but I will eventually. So here are some awful phone pics. I couldn’t resist sharing them!

Both models are pretty great! The GT actually has brake discs and calipers inside those fantastic wheels. I’m impressed! I’ve got a set of 6 more on the way, but those are the Heritage editions. I can’t wait to get them!!

I thought the silver dots were a mistake, but they’re symmetrical on both sides. Must have been on the real car. And brakes!!

EDIT: I think the silver dots are where the panels were riveted together on the real car. I noticed them in an early spotters video that I just watched.

So the way they do the buttresses is by using plastic. It’s pretty good, though the roof joint isn’t perfect. Still, the pass-thru makes the whole car look really good.
What a beauty! I couldn’t resist.
Such a classic color scheme, and fantastic details.
It fits right in with my Land Rover from Schuco!

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