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Formula Drift Friday

I’ve always loved drifting. I don’t know why though. There is no clear winner. It’s not about who has the fastest car or the most powerful car. It’s really just a style competition. But the skill level involved in sliding those cars through turns mere centimeters form the wall at ~100mph it’s amazingly impressive. Japanese cars were always what people though of when it came to drifting, but the early years of Formula D and few American muscle cars changed that. One of my favorites of those was Rhys Millen’s 2004 Pontiac GTO. As a product of my father’s raising, I’m a big Pontiac guy. When I learned how to work on cars, I learned on 1974 Pontiac Trans Am. So naturally, when I started watching Formula, the guy in the GTO got my attention.

So when I came across this 1:24 scale version of his car, which he drove to the 2005 Formula D championship, I had to have it. I actually bought this back in high school at the local TRU. This model was made by Joy Ride, which is a now defunct branch of ERTL. The car is not 100% accurate to match all of the decals on Millen’s car, but it’s pretty damn close. I’ve never taken it out of the box, so I’m sorry the pictures aren’t too detailed. And the lighting kinda sucks. But I figured I’d share it either way. Maybe I’ll actually take it out tonight and get some good pictures of it...


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