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Forth Grade diecast review By J; 1st gear owner in 4th grade

Welcome to my second review. I am President of the car club. Speaking of that, the car club is not meeting due to my Dad having 1,000,000,000 basket-ball games. Anyway, l am writing a review on a First Gear 1946 Dodge Power Wagon tow truck. I like Dodge and 4x4s so I like Power Wagons. Since I watched the movie Cars and saw Mater, a 1955 Chevrolet tow truck, I have liked them. I never found a livery I liked until I saw this “Dodge Sales And Service.” My grandparents found a cheap used Ace Hardware Power Wagon that was missing numorus pieces. So when I received the tow truck for Christmas last year, I thought “What a perfect truck to pull.” They are some what the right scale, so I put them in our Department 56/Lenox Christmas village display.


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