When I got this model, I wasn’t aware what the logo AA is for. I wanted a good old fashioned Land Rover and this was available at a decent price.

So after some research it came about that the AA is Britain’s -and most likely other British commonwealth- most popular breakdown coverage provider with their ‘Road Service’ indicated on the front which is synonymous with what we in the States called ‘Roadside Assistance’.

The Land Rover is a car brand that specializes in four-wheel-drive vehicles whose name was originally used by the Rover Company for the Land Rover Series, launched in 1948.

The design for the original Land Rover vehicle was started in 1947 by Maurice Wilks, chief designer at the Rover Company. According to sources the design -and most likely many other 4 wheel drive- may have been influenced by the Jeep and the prototype was built on a Jeep chassis and axles.


Notice that this Rover have 2 spare tires? My take on this is they probably needed the Land Rover with its 4 wheel drive in order to reach stranded vehicles located in very rough terrain and may encounter many sharp objects on the road thus having an extra spare as a back up. Maybe someone from the UK can shed some light on this?


Although this model was issued under the Dinky brand, it is considered a MATCHBOX DINKY #DY9-B 1949 LAND ROVER.

The Dinky trade name change hands several times till it became part of the Matchbox International Ltd. The models were marketed toward adult collectors so some realism were added. The model is based on the series 1 and possibly has an 80 inch wheelbase.


On the pro side, there’s some detail and the wheels are based on steel wheels and not some generic toy wheels. Chassis is metal and has rubber tires. It rolls although not as smoothly as the original Matchbox Superkings.

A few complains I have are the front and rear lights are molded with the body and the wipers are painted on which made it slightly less realistic. However on the bright side I rate it 5 out of 5 in play value as there is little chance of breaking any small parts.