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Forty 3rd: Ford Ambulance on a Friday?

Haven’t seen a lot of ambulance livery here so let’s look at a nice but probably neglected vintage ambulance toy truck.

Made by Meccano with their Dinky brand, this was labeled only as Military Ambulance 626. The reason I indicated it as a Ford is because this was based on a Ford Thames chassis. It was also known as the truck 3 ton 4x4 G. S. Ford ambulance.


This model was introduced between 1956 - 1966 and is a part of a range of Military models that Dinky introduced.

This was probably a later issue as this one comes with clear plastic window unlike early Dinky releases. Also Dinky models of this era includes a driver. This comes in military green with red painted on the raised cross.


So let’s check the play value of this model.


Like most ambulance models at that time, this has a rear opening double doors and they seem to be solid enough to withstand rough handling from kids as I am yet to see one being shown on ebay with missing doors. Other than that there are no included accessories like stretchers that I am aware of.


Comparing it with some of the other vintage models I have shown made by Dinky, the play value would probably generate less excitement among kids.


However I would still give it a 4.5 out of 5 for play value and I am happy to have acquired this die cast when it was available on ebay at a decent price as this represent a decent and durable vintage model.  

Here is a vintage ad of the model on the back cover of the Meccano magazine.

Image borrowed from talkmodeltoys website.

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