Christmas just went by and what better way to honor the elves (no, not Elvis Presley) who worked hard for Santa than having a truck named ’Elf’. And what better way for Santa to show his appreciation to his helpers by delivering this truck to good adult collectors.

Here is another great 1/43 scale from Tomica Limited Vintage with the

LV43-02b Isuzu Elf low floor (tea)

The Isuzu Elf is a medium duty cab-over 2-tonne (4,400 lb) truck which was introduced in August 1959 and what you are seeing is their first generation.


Like it’s 1/64 counterpart, the 1/43 has realistic detail and side mirror (that was not previously included in their 1/64). Made of diecast with rubber tires but no opening feature.


However the canopy is removable just like their 1/64.

The only accessory it came with is the reflective sticker for the side mirrors.


When you asked a collector what is the scale of a TLV most will say 1/64 but if you collect TLV, don’t miss our of their 1/43 as this will be a great addition to your TLV collection. Also I can’t say enough but their packaging is something I really appreciate as it is easy to unbox and remove the item without using any tools like screwdriver which is prevalent in other 1/43 models.

Here is a 1:1

Photo borrowed from Wikipedia