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Forty 3rd: Military Monday

There was a time I was into collecting military trucks and this Corgi came into the scene.

Backdrop borrowed from internet

This is the M35 A1 truck also known as “Deuce and a half” released by Corgi back in 2000.


The M35 family was introduced in 1950 to replace the GMC CCKW and M135 family cargo trucks that constituted the backbone of U.S. military transport since their introduction in World War II.

This 1/50 scale truck is part of the Unsung Heroes series and came with mud and dirt as was used during the Vietnam War.


Very realistic and detail on every side including underneath.


This comes with side mirrors.


Also comes with booklet about the vehicle and certificate of proof indicating the number of the vehicle.

I am glad that this is part of my collection and it took me a while to win the bid with a reasonable price on his one since the cost is usually out of my reach.

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