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Forty 3rd: Realism like no other

While I already had the Tomica version in 1/64 or to be more precise 1/57 on the box, this one brings out a true realistic looking model of this casting. Let’s take a break from the TLVN for now as I switched over to a 1/43 for my 3rd model with the Suzuki Jimny from Mark 43.


This is my first Mark 43 brand as I’ve never heard of this company before. I did a bit of research and it seems that they are part of Hobby Japan, an online store.

What I can say about this model is it is absolutely fantastic.


I believe the casting is made of resin and the wheels have difficulty rolling. The base or chassis however is made of die cast. It comes in acrylic display case with window box.


This thing is really detailed that it even shows the little antenna on the right rear. This tells me that I must handle this model with care.


There has been other manufacturer of 1/64 scale that also release a realistic looking Jimny but since they are hard to come by I decided to go with the 1/43 and is highly recommended.

Late Breaking news and it’s really late: Toyota and Suzuki stock share meld according to an article in which to me gives us a model that looks like the body of a Jimny but with the soul of a mini Land Cruiser.

Picture borrowed from

And that steel wheel and chrome bumper is definitely one good old school look which might make me consider driving one.

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