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Welcome to Forty 3rd where I showcase models within the 1/43 range and smaller and sometimes bigger. Continuing with the Safari Rally aka East African Safari Rally, Nissan fully remodeled the third generation Bluebird which is more well known in the States as “510" and dub the poor man’s BMW because its design was based on a BMW but cost way less.

As with the previous Datsun 1300SS the new Datsun now known as the 1600 was probably being groomed for future races thus the arrival of the 1600SSS and you may be wondering why they have 3 ‘S’ on this instead of 2. It turns out that General Motors was already using the term for performance branded Chevrolet products called the Super Sport starting in 1961. Funny that the 3 ‘S’ stands for Super Sports Sedan which is near similar to the GM term .


The real 1600SSS won the 18th East-African Safari Rally in all the categories of Overall/Class/Team in 1970.


Notice that I said real not because this is just a 1/43 model but this model is not based on the actual car that participated in that race but was based on a 1969 Japanese movie called ‘5000 Km to Glory’ starring Yujiro Ishihara. Interestingly Nissan Heritage website dub this car as ‘a great car on screen’ because of this movie which was based on the actual Datsun team that participated in the 1966 rally.


The release of this resin model was partnered by both Ignition Model and Tomica TLV. I guess due to this partnership the price of this model really cost a pretty penny as Ignition model is well known for their expensive high quality models. Unlike most 1/43 Tomica TLV which are packaged in durable easy to open cardboard box, this one came in the acrylic display case which is how Ignition model are packaged. If you have this model you will notice that it also comes with 2 individual spare tires inside the car.

Hmm.. which way to the finish line?

One of the major differences between the actual car and the model is the missing ‘Coke’ logo at the rear passenger door and the addition of the ‘STP’ logo below the C pillar. See below for the actual car from the movie.


And here are the 2 legendary Safari rally cars.

Even though Ignition Model cost a lot most of their well known car replicas would still run out of stock so if you can afford it, don’t hesitate or it will be gone in 60 seconds. Oops wrong movie.

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