Welcome again to Forty 3rd which tackles models within the 1/43 scale and smaller. A Honda? Yes, but a Honda wagon you say? What’s that?

Here is the 2nd model from my overseas hawl.

The station wagon, once a staple family car for the American families from American manufacturers has almost but disappeared. Even Honda sold their last wagon in the US with their ‘97 model.

But the wagon continued on in other countries like Japan and this is another Hi-Story brand with the Honda Accord Wagon SiR Sportier 2000.


Most die cast company had made replicas of different Honda models specially the Civic but rarely have I seen an Accord model so I decided to acquire this as I used to own an Accord sedan and my dream was to own an Accord Wagon but since there wasn’t any new models available, this is as close as it gets.


Honda of Japan produced three high-performance models of the Accord for the Japanese domestic market referred to as the SiR, which was available for sale at Honda Clio dealerships in Japan. The Accord SiR models came equipped with the Japan-spec H22A DOHC VTEC engine instead of the F22B1 SOHC VTEC engine found in the EX.


Just like the Datsun truck by Hi-Story, the detailed on this model is pretty good. There are no moving parts as the wheels does not rotate as well. I would rate this 5 out of 5 for detailed, 4.7 for quality control as even though there are no problem with the model, I didn’t like that the wheels do not roll at all. I would give this 3.75 for play value as this is strictly for display and not as a toy.