Welcome again to Forty 3rd which tackles models within the 1/43 scale and smaller.

Here is the last of the Blue Mercedes that I showed on my blue blog.

When I saw this model I quickly fell in love with it and is a nice compliment to my Blue Wunder. Made by Premium ClassiXXs and is called Mercedes-Benz L 3500 Rennabteilung, I bought this from American-excellence which is a great online store for mostly European cars.

So let’s see how good this truck is.



This is a nice realistic looking truck. with mostly die cast body and chassis and some plastic sprinkled in between. So like most 1/43 models these days which are marketed to adults, there are rarely any working parts like opening hood and doors. However this did come with something that would make it worth your while.

It comes with 2 tin ramps which you can attached to the flatbed.

Looks like it’s giving Hans-Joachim Stuck’s BMW 2002 a lift.


So I would rate this 4.5 out of 5 for quality as there were issues with the Mercedes emblem and one of the wipers coming loss and had to be glued. 4.5 for play value for besides some delicate parts the model is solid and including the ramps was a plus. And a definite 5 for detailed as this truck can pass for realism.