In this episode,

Turn 10 gives us a racing legend.

I paint a Mazda like an airplane.

And I attempt to upset Halo players everywhere.

This last week Turn 10, once again, put on a new Forzathon. The Forzathon is a week long series of events that, when completed, reward you with in game credits, experience points, or new cars.

I usually shy away from any online racing, it’s just not my cup of tea. But this Forzathon was worthy of an exception. Waiting at the end of a four race series, no matter how you finished, as long as you did finish, you were awarded the 1969 Penske Sunoco Lola T70 MKIIIB that was driven to victory at the Dayton 24 Hours in 1969, by Mark Donohue and Chuck Parsons. The Daytona win was a historic first for both Team Penske and for Chevrolet as an engine supplier.

After Daytona, the team headed to Sebring. Their good fortune ran out as the Lola retired early due to mechanical issues, possibly a residual effect from the damage sustained at Daytona. While the team was resting at a hotel, on their way home, the Lola was stolen from it’s trailer. When the car was recovered most of the major racing bits were gone. The car was so badly damaged during the hasty parts removal that it left Team Penske no time to rebuild it for Le Mans.



My license plate in Forza Horizon 3 is the same as I have I real life, “ZEROCAR”. This refers to the cars used in rally racing to run the stage before the actual race cars begin their timed runs. I wanted to give the ZEROCAR a more literal meaning. After painting this second gen RX7, I realized I should have used a Mitsubishi as they actually built the Japanese war planes.

Anyone here who has played a video game in the last fifteen years has surely heard of the Halo series. We were given the Halo Warthog assault vehicle as another Forzathon reward. I opted to turn mine into Barbie’s Ultimate Beach Party Assault Cruiser. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t play online much and that Turn 10 did not include the large, rear mounted gun the Warthog has in the Halo series. If they had, I’m sure I’d be targeted.... Relentlessly.


Thanks for sticking around for this lengthy Forza Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!