Fri - yay!

This car was also nicely reviewed by Scott, so no in-depth review here. Underrated next to the likes of the brilliant BMW and the exotic Nissan, but the AMC holds in very well. It really complements the series so well, playing the muscle - car role. I would have really loved if it was a ‘69 / ‘70 Boss here instead of this one, but this does not disappoint at all.

The tampo work here is just aaaaaaaaawesome!
Good Year lettering adds oomph


Not a fan of those mega rear tyres but they don’t irk me as much as they do in the Camaros.


Good one, HW.

The beauty of this Retro Entertainment series is how it tries to capture the essence of motoring for almost 5 decades. The representatives from (late) 60s and (late)90s face off here.


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