Big things with little cars

Is now out! As part of the festival expansion pass or it’s own separate DLC it’s not to be missed!

It’s a new island looks to be slightly smaller than Blizzard mountain but more “roads”. It has 10 cars including Rip rod, bone shaker, and Twin mill.


It’s not perfect there are a few cut off areas in the higher track locations that you can go off track and into the water. The roads are more slippery(plastic roads...) and a couple of races that you have to get a lap in a certain amount of time becomes tricky with the slick roads and poorly placed turns can have you smashing into the walls and having to rewind or re do the race to get all 3 metals to advance the event.

As you progress you’ll unlock each of the ten cars which kinda sucks cause you want to hop into then all but can’t.

It’s a fun DLC so far and I’m have a blast driving around on the orange track that only your toy cars could do.

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