I had the second half of my radio frequency ablation procedure today, so I really couldn’t do much more than mope around the house. Later in the day I got to thinking of a box I thought was in my basement, a little box with little drawers like one might organize screws, washers, and such.
I never found it (yet) but I came upon some other interesting finds.
Side note: I have stuff in my basement that I haven’t seen, and boxes I haven’t opened, since I bought the place in 2001. Today, I hit the jackpot, relatively speaking.
All my earlier diecast parts: stripped bodies, wheels, motors, window pieces, interiors, etc. Can’t believe I’d forgotten about these, especially since I recently started taking cars apart again!
I couldn’t do anything with them yet, because I shouldn’t have been rooting around down there to begin with, and I aggravated places I shouldn’t have aggravated after the earlier procedure.
I don’t want to be in the hospital twice in one day, so I’ll wait and take some pictures when I’m up to it.
WooHoo! Parts!!