Four years, 49 Cars, One Epic Poster: The Complete Collection of Hot Wheels The Fast and the Furious Castings

I have been a big Fast and Furious fan since Dom wreck-flipped that beastly ‘70 Charger over that 10 second Supra - and have been in love with the cars of the film ever since. When Hot Wheels debuted their first series in 2013, I knew I just had to collect them all.

I have spent the last four years scouring message boards and Facebook posts to make sure I hit the local Wal-Marts in time to snag sets before the eBay craziness took over - and it worked. Slowly and surely I was able to score all of them - most via local Wal-Marts, some from friends, and yes, some through online bidding.......but soon I had collected all 5 series, the mainlines, and retros. Once I had them all laid nicely across my work desk, I did the unthinkable: I opened them ALL. Yes, all of them. Even the hard to find first release ‘67 Mustang that I paid $20 for :0 All of them.

Alas, my diecast craziness has paid off. I worked the past few weeks on photographing and designing a poster suitable for framing that would show off all the releases — and I could not be happier with how it turned out. Now I know it’s not perfect, but I still think it’s hella cool and wanted to share with all of you. So without further ado, here are the cars of Hot Wheels The Fast and Furious line.


Design Notes: I realize the Retro R34 is “out”, but it hasn’t hit my area yet so it remains blacked out.

Each car is representative of its own series and there are no repeats; meaning the three identical Mustangs are all three different cars, as are the ‘70 Chargers, Torinos, Challengers, Daytonas, Supras, Skylines, etc. I didn’t buy one Mustang and use that one car for all three photos - each photo is of a different release! I also tried to keep the color variations as true as possible. For example, the Daytonas are different shades of dark red in real life, it’s not just a lighting or editing difference.

I hope to collect any future releases as well to keep the poster (and my collection) complete and up to date! I am also aiming to do fun series posters with other releases, like the Hot Wheels Back to the Future castings, James Bond castings etc. — so stay tuned!

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