Welcome to the first ever FAF, Foxtrot Alpha Friday! If you don't know what Foxtrot Alpha is, it's a very informative and interesting blog about military happenings. Check them out here!

But Frosted, what does this have to do with diecasts? You ask. Well both Matchbox and Hot Wheels have done a large number of military castings throughout the years, so I'll be showing a couple of them off here!

Let's start this new feature off with a bang. Literally.

The M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, or MBT for short. The Matchbox model of this tank is actually 1:113 scale! The real life tank has seating for 4 crew members, a driver, gunner, cannon loader and a Sergeant to command the other three. These tanks have tops speeds of 45 miles per hour on road, making them lightening fast. America is currently on the third generation of Abrams MBTs, the M1A2.


The scale model features a cannon that spins and can be aimed upward or downward. The 1:1 Abrams has a 120MM cannon (or 105MM if we're taking about the original, first generation M1 tanks).


The real M1 was first produced in 1979 and entered service with the U.S. Army in 1980. This Matchbox model was first produced in 1994.

This model is not really well detailed, but I guess that's what happens at such a tiny scale.


Target aquired!

Thanks for looking! Lemme know if you like this feature and want to see more!