I’m not quite sure if I’ve inadvertently unlocked portions of my brain that were dormant or if if I just suffer from having a limited selection of diecasts I’m willing to chop apart... Probably the latter. I’ve seen these Citroen 2cv’s hot rodded before but always with the stock suspension holding them back from looking like anything more than a cool novelty. I was thinking in diecast form I wouldn’t have the burden of having to work with the unorthodox suspension found on the actual cars. Giving me a chance to actually make it look a bit aggressive... If that is even possible on such a quirky French car.

This is still in the concept and engineering phase so no finished shots yet. I’m starting with a Majorette 2cv. I’ve had for a long time. Its was too goofy to display but I could never part with it.

I drew the direction I wanted to go with her. I really liked that Hot Wheels split window Bug and the Citroen sort of has a similar profile so you can see that is where my mind was going.


I’m still not sure if it should be staggered or not?


The front wheels will be pushed out a bit more for a wider track. I’m sure a chrome Sharpe will really make the grille and other parts pop. I was thinking about strapping some luggage to the back too. Maybe like a vintage storage chest or something. It still has a ways to go but I was excited to share the progress as is. It’s going to need a clever name so any help with that will be appreciated.