Finally some nimble sporty Frenchy. The last real Alpine, an A310. The last 'real' because this was developed before Renault took over in 1972.

The first generation A310 had a Renault (of course) 4-cylinder sourced from a Renault 17 TS/Gordini. It got a redesign in 1976 by Robert Opron (the 6-headlights were replaced by only 4 and removal of the NACA ducts just before the windshield were most visible changes) and Alpine/Renault mounted a bigger engine, the infamous 2.6 PRV V6 with 150hp.

So this model, a Solido 1/43, is a 1st gen 1600. Nowadays a 4-cylinder is more sought after than a 6-cylinder if you look at what they're both offered for. There's a lot less (only 2.340 units were built as over 9000 V6) and I can imagine the V6, behind the rear-axle like with a 911, can unbalance the car somewhat more. I suppose that are the main reasons but I haven't done any reading/research on this so there could be more reasons.


This has to be one of the worst Solido's I've got. Just look at the rear side window. If you don't know what I mean just enlarge the picture. Further more scale and details are pretty good (proper wheels, location of the Alpine logo - although the logo itself isn't painted: it's the roundel above the rear-wheels, stuff like that) except for the exhaust that's sticking out on the left. It should on the right as far as I'm aware.


The rear hatch will open and that the only thing that will open at all. Too bad the real one has a 'strong' bend near the lowest part which the model simply lacks.

Being a Solido it came with both a blister and a box-packaging but if you've read some of my prior French Friday postings you've probably guessed that already.


Definitely not the last A310 I'll own (even been looking for a real one in France this summer) as the car deserves a better model. Maybe I'll just have to go for a Minichamps as this car deserves a better casting.