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French Friday

So for my first French entry, I am posting what I think is an excellent example of what we’ve discussed before in my Dumbest Hot Wheel post. I present to you the Citroën C4 Rally.

Being a fan of WRC rally racing, I bought this car as soon as I saw it because this car is ridiculous. The red paint is beautiful. The white wheels are spot-on. But the tampos...


THIS!!! This is what a collector line of Hot Wheels could be! Yes, this car is 1:64. Look at those headlight tampos! And take a look at that back side! You can read the emblems perfectly. And the Citroën logo is not a glob of silver kind of resembling it. It is the logo!! But not only that. There are tampos to define the taillight sections as well!


You could nitpick the chrome interior, but I think it set the red off well. And we are forced to assume this would be a road-going version of the car as a proper rally car would have a lower co-driver seat but they have racing buckets in there so that’s a plus. I think this car is probably top three in my collection because it is that good. It is what we all really want in a Hot Wheel, so why can’t Mattel do this all the time? The quality of this car is brilliant, in my opinion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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