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French Friday: A Pair of Renault Racers

It’s French Friday time again! Just like Small Scale Sydney this morning, today I have a double feature with two Renault race-inspired cars, the R.S.01 from HW and the Alpine A110-50 from Norev. An interesting little factual: both have Nissan turbo V6s with under 4 litres each! Anyways, onto the pictures:

Pictured: two not very fat French race cars
With nice rumps
Similar profile, almost like a Renault trademark
From the side they both have the scallops behind the door à la Audi R8
The Hot Wheels needed a bit of a nudge from the little Twingo for this shot!
French pancakes anyone?
Lots of downforce to be found here
Very impressionistic indeed

Thanks for looking, and see you around LaLD!

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