Both Androoo and 64wheels did something similar before so I’m far from original here. But I loved their idea and output so I had to try. And with my attempt I fell into some traps instantly:

  • I don’t have 64 (not sure how many casts 64wheels showed) cars from the same type like Androoo’s GTRs. So it never looks as crowded.
  • The one car I have many of are all 1/43's
  • My lightbox is way too little for piling up 1/43's

And no matter how I fiddled with the distance between ‘m all: I need more space. I came to the conclusion I need more of these 2CVs as well by the way.

These are all from the Hachette series I’ve showed several 2CVs from already (here for example). I’ve got like 20 of these so I still need another 80. Or don’t I?


So next time I’ll just take it outside. But I need a freaking big piece of paper to pull that off. Next week will be my last French Friday of July, after that I’m a few weeks in Italy to get some inspiration for Spaghetti Sundays.


Totally centered in this shoot is one of my favorite 2CVs, the ‘42 Cyclope. That one definitely will be a subject for a future French Friday with some more info on it.

Boo! I’m a Cyclops!
One of the most recognizable profiles ever if you ask me.


C’est ca! And yes: we call the 2CV a Canard, or rather Eend (Duck) over here. I hope we can get the amount of French Friday posts up like last few weeks. It was 5 last week IIRC, in the week before that it was even more. Vive la Vendredi Française, vive la LaLD!